Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Top 5 Reasons Why God is Imperfect

This is a list of ideas that I have put together to prove, in my opinion, that God cannot ever be perfect.

#5:  He had to create Hell.  

If God is perfect, why does He feel it necessary to punish his own creations?  He sends his own children to Hell for their wrongdoings, yet those wrongdoings would never have happened if He hadn't created us.  Since He created us, doesn't the blame of our wrongdoings fall on him?  Shouldn't the creator be responsible for his creations?

#4:  He is nothing more than a concept.

We can only imagine a being of such divine power to create the world as we know it; and therefore our limited understanding of Him becomes imperfect.  Thus He can never exist in our world, in the world of the living, as something perfect.  I acknowledge that many believers in God do agree in some way or another with this idea, and I think that validates it even more.

#3:  He modeled man after himself.

If God created man in His image, then doesn't that mean He has an appendix?

#2:  He tricks His own children.

I've encountered the argument that God constantly tests his children's faith.  That is why there are dinosaur bones, pagan Gods, and the gift of your own free will.  What is the logic behind these tests?  A good analogy of this is if your own biological father tried to convince you that he didn't exist while, at the same time,  rewarding so long as you continued believing in him.  Why wouldn't God just lay out the rules, tell us straightforwardly that He exists, and in doing so leave no margin for error?  Is it because the Devil is constantly acting against Him by tempting us?  Well, that leads to the number one reason God is imperfect:

#1:  Out of Him came everything else in the world.

This is very similar to the first reason I gave in this post as to why God is imperfect.  Think of it this way:  God created everything, which means he spawned good and evil.  Lucifer came forth from God; therefore Lucifer is another one of God's creations; and finally that means God had to have some evil within himself to create an evil being.  Every horror that we can think of - war, famine, deceit, rape, abduction, Hell itself - must have come from God under the assumption that He is our creator.  How else could it have come to be if God is the source of everything in our world?

I cannot prove that He doesn't exist; but if He does, there is no doubt in my mind that He is more human, more like his own creations, than most of us think.  And that's not a bad thing.  He could still be as loving, benevolent, and powerful of a creator there could be.  He just not infallible.

There are countless different ideas about God and who or what He is to us and our universe.  For instance, the number five reason that I described to prove He isn't perfect wouldn't work with the Unitarian version of God:  Unitarians believe that God absolves everyone's sins and brings all His children to Heaven; no one goes to Hell to be tortured for eternity.  Also, there are people who believe God did create the world, but He did it trillions upon trillions of years ago, which explains the existence of prehistoric beasts and us evolving from apes.  Even still, there are versions of Him that say He is not one man that sits in Heaven, but rather He is everything at once - a cosmic entity that lives through its creations.  And there are many, many more ideas about what He really is.  No matter what, though, I will stand by my claim that He - the supposed creator of the world - cannot be perfect.

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  1. Did God create Hell? And, is your definition of perfect too limited? Perhaps by your humanity? Evil, for instance, might be a part of God's perfect plan, but we are too small to see it.